Blast Pots & Recovery Systems

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Clemco 6 Cuft Classic Blast Pot

High-performance, versatile blast cleaning system removes contamination, corrosion, mill scale, and coatings from most surfaces. Produces a uniform surface texture, and creates a surface profile to increase bonding for coatings.

Provides for 30 minutes of blasting at 100 psi with a No. 6 (3/8-inch) nozzle.

Pneumatic Deadman

1 1/4" Pipe design

Requirements for Operation:

Clean, dry, compressed air

Minimum of 50 psi

Minimum Rental Period

1 Week


Blast Cabinet


Mobile 6-ton, trailer-mounted** 150# pressure 4-outlet blast machine w/ S4C valves

Manufacturer: SAFE Systems, Inc.

Safety and functionality are central to this trailer-mounted blast machine with a holding capacity of 6 tons of abrasive (100 lbs./ ft³). Its four (4) blast outlets are outfitted with the new SAFE Systems S4C metering/pinch valve. The operator gains a great deal of control over abrasive flow and shutoff with these new valves, as well as eliminating the inherent danger of pinch valves. Experience has shown that operators love these new S4C valves which allow adjustments to be made right at the control box.

ASME certified, the pressure vessel is rated at 150 PSI and protected from over-pressurization by a rupture disc. A large 16” hinged manway in the top of the vessel is fitted with a special pressure alert system to deter opening the pot while under pressure. A safety catwalk is provided for the operator to stand on while loading abrasive.

The specially-designed, dual-axle trailer is highway legal with all required lighting, fenders, etc. and is equipped with hydraulic surge brakes and a pintle style hitch. The electrical control box operates on 12 VDC with electric Deadman switches.

This equipment allows up to four (4) blasters to operate at one time, giving the contractor maximum production for his money.



Minimum Rental Period

1 Month


Blast and Recovery System

MSH 3-24-2

Manufacturer:  SAFE Systems, Inc.

The SAFE Systems MSH 3-24-2 is a high capacity, low profile blast and recovery system that is compact enough to be easily transported down the highway on a double drop trailer. With a few quick and simple steps once the system is at the job site, it is ready to operate. Lift eyes and forklift tubes are both provided for maximum flexibility in handling.

Consisting of an induction vacuum, two classifiers (separators), a storage hopper, a four outlet blast machine and two vacuum dust collectors, the unit makes a compact, highly effective, yet simple blast and recovery system. With a total storage capacity of 24 tons of steel grit abrasive, the system was designed for the blast and recovery of steel grit abrasive but can be modified for use with non-metallic abrasive.

Equipped with an air induction vacuum to produce the vacuum for the recovery process, the system is most efficient when used in conjunction with any of our SAFE Systems' vacuum systems (PD 2400-E or D or PD 2100-E or D). Other vacuum producers may work with the unit.

The system's two classifiers consist of a rotary drum (which removes large debris and airborne dust) and a fountain separator (which removes dust and un-usable fines from the recovered abrasive). The cleaned abrasive is returned to the storage hopper and then fed to the blast machine for reuse. The cleaning process takes place while the abrasive is under vacuum, eliminating a lot of extra equipment. After going through the classifiers, the air stream is cleaned of contaminants in the two vacuum dust collectors so only clean air is discharged into the atmosphere.



Minimum Rental Period

1 Month


PD 2400-E Skid Mounted Vacuum System

Manufacturer:  SAFE Systems, Inc.

The SAFE Systems PD 2400-E is a skid mounted, heavy duty, high performance vacuum system which is designed for vacuum recovery of abrasives and dust generated in the abrasive blasting process. Fork lift pockets and lifting eyes give the contractor options for easy handling and placement at the jobsite.

Driven by a 125 HP electric motor, the system utilizes a Roots positive displacement (PD) vacuum pump. A wye/delta starting system, limits the starting amperage and torque. The noise levels of both the vacuum pump and diesel engine are reduced by a specially designed silencing package which results in the quietest vacuum system on the market today. The vacuum can produce up to 27" Hg (vacuum) and will recover abrasive through long distances of properly attached and configured 4" diameter vacuum hose.

This vacuum is designed to be used in conjunction with a collection device such as our 200 ft³ collection tank (CT-200) or one of our blast and recovery systems, MSH 4-24-2 or MSV 2-15-2. Vacuum recovery rates will vary depending on the material being recovered as well as the length, size and position of the recovery hose

Minimum Rental Period

1 Month