Products and Services

WIWA's prime focus is on equipment and systems designed to transfer and process liquid materials of varying viscosities. WIWA's 50 years of experience have resulted in extensive know-how covering coatings and painting/ finishing applications. Regardless of the surface to be coated or the paint to be used, WIWA's product range is sure to offer the perfect solution. Whether looking for spraying equipment for a small shop or for industrial use, such as heavy corrosion protection, WIWA is the right choice.

Available pressure ratios up to 75:1 enable use under the most severe conditions.

WIWA also offers specially designed equipment for mining and extremely high-pressure pumps for pressure testing of pipes.

Areas of Application

Furniture industry, carpentry shops, machine and automobile plants, paint shops, steel and hall construction, industrial automatic and manual painting systems, insulation, ship coating, structural and corrosion protection, pipe and pipeline coatings, offshore industry, fire protection, railcar construction, coating lines, coatings for iron and steel structures, containers, tank linings; low-pressure pumps for paint supply lines, conventional spraying systems, paint circulation systems and paint filling stations for trade and industry. Construction sanitation.


Industry and Craft Trade

Marine and Offshore

Pipes and Pipelines

Mechanical Engineering and Vehicle Construction

Building and Fire Protection

Building Sanitation

Spray Painting Lines


Musical Instrument Making


Structural Engineering

Furniture Manufacture

Container Construction

Wind Turbine Generators

Civil Engineering

High Pressure Cleaning

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